School Day

The school day will begin with breakfast club starting at 7.30am, followed by registration in tutor groups initially structured by year groups (Year 7, Year 8 etc.) and then by vertical grouping when the Principal Designate deems that school’s student population makes this a viable arrangement, and a morning act of collective worship at 8.00am. Formal learning will start at 8.30am and the core day will end at 3.30pm.

A range of after-school enrichment options will operate through to 5.00pm to widen the school curriculum and provide additional opportunities for skills acquisition in areas beyond the formal taught curriculum, together with personal development opportunities.

Activities will include a supervised homework club, performing arts productions, a debating society, sports and games including competitive matches, computer/internet clubs including programming and other technological activities, enterprise opportunities and Duke of Edinburgh Awards. These clubs, societies and sporting activities will form a varied programme staffed by teachers, parents, volunteers and paid experts, linked to the curriculum offered during the formal taught day to reinforce and supplement student enjoyment of learning and student progress.